As a supervisor, it’s essential that we have the capability to train others, in order to share knowledge through experience. The challenge is that not all supervisors possess the capacity to train others well.

A Solution
The answer for how to train effectively will differ across industries, and personalities. Equally important, the task(s) to be trained, degree of mastery (familiarization, functional literate, competent, etc.,) will be constrained by time and training resources. 

For these reasons, it’s often logistically and economically preferable to engage an “outside” training specialist or agency. The challenge then becomes finding the right one. Perhaps the simplest solution is to connect with others within the industry and gather their recommendations. 

Recognize that regardless of their similarities, your organization will be different. So while there are no “one size fits all” solutions, there are plenty of “best practices” to learn from.

Improving management and supervisory performance should be a continual consideration, not a quarterly goal.” (tweet this)

Take Action
If enhancing your managing and supervisory abilities through training or education is something you believe will take you to another level, then here are some simple actions steps you can take to right now reach your goals:
1. Spend a few minutes browsing professional forums and websites, such as LinkedIn, and Forbes.
2. Consider subscribing to an executive leadership training seminar, or webinar.
3. Listen in to podcasts on leadership and professional development.
4. Check out colleges and universities for online, or evening classes you enroll in that speak to your industry.

“You can’t move forward, and stay where you are.”(tweet this)

Dr. Eugene Matthews