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SoldierCop was designed for a community of military and government service professionals transitioning into the civilian or private sector.

We ‘d love to hear about your transition Journey! Submit your original article (not previously published anywhere online) with a brief biography, and potentially have it featured on the SoldierCop blog and shared across the SoldierCop community! This is not some elite space, reserved for experts, thought leaders, or professional bloggers, it’s a blog for real people who are willing to be transparent and authentic with their transition Journey.

Why Contribute to SoldierCop?
1. Your post will receive broad exposure, promoted across the SoldierCop community through Twitter, Facebook, and other social sharing sites. As a result you will be able to impact a wide audience with your message, and lighten the life-changing load of another.

2. Every published post will include your bio with links back to your site. Most contributors understand that featuring their writing on SoldierCop provides unique exposure of their website to a targeted audience, which could increase traffic and subscribers.

3. Having contributed, you can reference your contribution to SoldierCop and add to your author/writer portfolio.

Writing Guidelines and Suggestions:
Submissions should be between 800-1,500 words, use standard English, with appropriate grammar and punctuation. Avoid the use of acronyms, slang and jargon because it diminishes the professionalism of your work.

As transitions are unique in every respect, share your challenges and triumphs from your personal perspective as well as how you’re dealing with them or overcame them. Share what worked for you, with the intention that your insights may potentially help a reader who is going through a similar experience. Best practices, quick tips, and lessons learned are very popular. Remember your transition experience may be a motivator for others.

Be specific, as to whether your transition allowed you to leverage your previous experience into a new career, or required you to obtain additional training, education, or skill-building in order to be competitive in your chosen field. We are looking for posts that deal with universal themes that will be relevant to the majority of readers.

Be original, personal, and authentic. Original means your post has not been published anywhere, including your own blog, and does not include any sections taken from a previously published post. 

Reserve self promotion to your bio (as opposed to marketing a business, course, workshop, or service directly in the post). Please note that links may be deleted within the posts themselves, if deemed excessive.

How to Submit:
Send your original post in Microsoft Word, keeping paragraphs to three sentences or less. Include a bio, sixty words or less, at the bottom of the post. Please send the post in plain text, not html.

Upload a photo of yourself at (if you’d like a photo to show next to your bio). Also, please include in your email submission the email address you used for that site. Use the “Blog Article Guest Submission” page to submit your article.

Please note that we do not accept posts sent from agents, publicists, or assistants. We prefer to personally connect with everyone who writes for the site!

Although we receive a high volume of submissions, we do our best to respond as soon as possible to your submission. But if for some reason you have not heard from us within a week, we would appreciate a follow-up reminder. Your post may be returned with questions/comments to expand on parts, along with suggested edits including a change in the title before publishing on the site. 

On average we publish weekly pieces, but on occasion, we will publish more frequently. Submissions which do not adhere to the guidelines herein will not be considered for publication.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences, so that others may benefit.

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