Unsurprisingly, it has been repeatedly said that when you find a ‘job’ you love that you will never have to work again. Many understand this philosophy to mean that you would enjoy your work so much that it would not seem like work at all, but rather something you were born to do. But what I think is missed by too many, too often is the fact that it’s not really the work or the job that inspires you to get up early, to work late, or to do more, but rather your attitude. 

Consider for a moment that when you are absolutely engrossed in something you enjoy doing, whether it’s writing, singing, creating, or building – or perhaps hiking, camping, running or some other physical exercise; how often the time seems to slip away from you. Before you realize it, two hours have passed and you barely noticed it. In fact when you realize the time has been spent you feel enthused, energized, revived, or excited. 

Now contrast that with the times that you’ve found yourself trudging along on tasked that you lacked enjoyment in, or perhaps were doing out of obligation. Five minutes can seem like five hours and your constant check of the clock won’t hurry things along. To better conceptualize this, consider also that both tasks require the same level of skill that you possess, such as researching and preparing to give a talk you’ve looked forward to vs. one you agreed to, or because of your position, you were required to. What’s the difference?

Attitude makes the difference

Detractors would have you believe that success is a matter of being lucky (a characteristic you can’t control). Others will steadfastly argue that success is a matter of having and applying the right skills (a characteristic you can improve).  Still other say it’s just a matter of endurance (which relies on good health (mental and physical). Each of these character traits are noteworthy and positive – but none reach the level of attitude. 

Consider each from a mathematics perspective wherein each letter is replaced by the number in the alphabet to which it corresponds. The results are illuminating to say the least:

L = 12       S = 19         E = 5
U = 21      K = 11         N = 14
C = 3         I = 9           D = 4
K = 11       L = 12        U = 21
Y = 25      L = 12         R = 18
                  S = 19         A = 1
                                      N = 14
                                      C = 3
                                      E = 5  
72%               82%             85%                          

Yet ATTITUDE, which is self controlled, can be improved, and is not health dependant clearly surpasses the rest.


A = 1
T = 20
T = 20
I = 9
T = 20
U = 21 
D = 4
E = 5

So then – what are you relying on to get the results you seek? Your luck, your skills, your level of endurance, or your attitude?


Dr. Eugene Matthews

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