There are a lot of ways to simply set yourself apart from the crowd when you’re job hunting, and now Periscope adds one more!

This isn’t the periscoperight tool for every job or even for every resume, but for those careers where seeing and hearing who you are might make a difference, this is easily one of the simplest additions you can make.

Check out my 1 min video I just finished on Periscope:

Imagine for a moment that a perspective hiring manager only has a minute to decide whether or not you would be worth moving on to the next round of interviews? Can you say something meaningful in less than 60 seconds that might send the right message? Here’s a hint, “don’t talk about why you need a job” instead talk about how you’ve researched the organization and feel you can contribute to solving one or more challenges they face. Perhaps you can use a short relevant example to make your point, reference a publication you authored. Whatever your message is, you might be able to share it better as a virtual person.

The good news is that you can take as many practice runs as you like in order to strike the right note. Since the Periscope default saves your video to your camera roll, you can delete the ones that didn’t work, and then share the contenders with your job coach or mentor…you do have one don’t you? The bottom line is that you can get it as close to perfect as you want before you go public.

You might be thinking whether or not you should create a different Periscope for every resume, and the answer is yes! Successful job seekers know from experience that being generic does not get it done. Your potential employer is looking for someone specific…so be specific!

If you’ve found your job hunt floundering, why not try something a little new and a little different? Periscopes may not be right for everyone, but it could be perfect for the right someone! Give it a shot and then let me know what you think, by leaving an honest comment or review here.

Best wishes, good luck and be well!