If you’re a current or former Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, or Coastguard, and are interested in preparing for your next career, then you’re in the right place – and thank you for your service! Even if you did not serve, you will still find this site and its resources helpful in identifying your next career.
As a former SoldierCop turned University Professor, it’s been an honor sharing with others what worked (for me) in transitioning from a military professional to a civilian professional. Let me begin by sharing 3 of my personal lessons learned.
My 1st lesson learned was that many of the professional military skills I gained over the years of service translated very well into the civilian sector. I have not come across any MOS or AFS that did not have a parallel civil counterpart. 
My 2nd lesson learned was how challengingly simple it is to convert ‘military-speak‘ into civilian terms, when you ‘mine for language cues’. Anyone who has completed the Military Transitions Program for their service will likely recall the admonition to convert military jargon into civilian language.
My 3rd lesson learned was that it is never too soon to prepare an ‘exit strategy‘ for transitioning from the service. There are several key tactics that can help with the transition, and the sooner they are addressed or activated, the less stressful the transition will be.

One of the first steps I always recommend for anyone preparing to transition is to conduct a skills interest’s survey – also called a Career Aptitude Test. This test is free and the results are pretty accurate – but the real benefit of this test is that it requires you to ask yourself several important questions. The test is short but will help you assess your skills, interests, style, and values.  My results found I was uniquely qualified for positions which included (click the below links for more information):

Regulatory Affairs Manager Insurance Policy Processor
Financial Services
Treasurers and Controller
Travel Agent
Credit Checker

As you can see the possibilities range from very general to quite specific. It’s important to remember that this Career Aptitude Test is just an indicator, or guide to provide you with some general considerations for your next career. 

I look forward to helping you in your transition efforts in the hopes of leveraging your skills and experiences gained while serving. Begin preparing for your transition today with these SoldierCop Resources; keep informed of opportunities when you sign-up for our free SoldierCop Newsletter; and stay up to date on the latest transition information when you subscribe to our SoldierCop Newspaper. Then pay it forward when you share us with your friends and colleagues on Facebook or follow us on Twitter; because if “knowledge is power, then information is your generator!

Feel free to email me if you have questions or would like to set up a confidential consultation to see whether or not I can assist you in reaching your career goals.

Eugene Matthews
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